Six Things I Learned from Reading Flannery O’Connor (and others)

Flannery O'Connor, "Self-Portrait" (1953)

1.  The surface of things can be deceptively simple.  Look beneath the surface.

2.  Trust is a gift, given with no expectation of return.

3.  Laughter at human foibles should be good-natured.  Be generous of heart, not mean-spirited.

4.  Pay attention to road signs.  They might just be divine guidance.  (And if they’re not, at least they’ll help you avoid wrecking the car.)

5.  Moral messages are simple, easy and direct.  Life is difficult and complicated; things come at you from all sorts of oblique angles.  The interesting things often result from the juxtaposition of the “should” and the “is.”

6.  Over time, close reading changes the way one reads and the way one reacts to the piece being read.

About readersquest

I'm a retired naval officer and writer. I live with my husband, two sons, and several family pets in a house in the woods.
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